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Knee deep in life?  Aren't we all?!  Wether you're working the 9 to 5 job, playing volunteer coach to your kid's baseball team, or clock-in as the full time after school chauffeur; life is busy.  This kind of "controlled chaos" is the norm for most families, but it was here that the idea for was born.  Not exactly an ideal time to start a company, however in a funny way, it was this kind of "chaos" that served as inspiration to begin our journey into entrepreneurship.  So if you're asking yourself, what is, who started it, and why you should ever visit us again; then you've come to the right place.


What exactly is

The simple answer is, is an online marketplace which features products and services from area businesses.  However, the truth is the brand stands for much much more. is about "giving back".  Through the purchase of everday local products and services, our company makes giving back easy!  When you buy from our website, you will receive outstanding value from local business, while knowing that every purchase you make will benefit a worthy nonprofit organization.  We leave the choice completely up to you, so any qualified nonprofit (schools, charities, youth sports/clubs, religious institutions, or any qualified 501c3) can benefit when you shop!  Connecting consumers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, that is what is all about.  Now let's get to the good part!  


Every qualified purchase made on pays your organization 5% (based on the featured price of the offering)


Who would have thought that a single click of a button at checkout could accomplish so much?  Purchases made on, not only save you money on a product or service you wanted, but also provide a valuable fundraising opportunity for an organization which you care about!   As if that wasn't enough, purchases made from our website support area small businesses and your local economy.  That's a win, win, win, situation!  All participating nonprofit organizations can choose to have their total accumulated funds mailed to them on a semi-annual or annual basis, thereby making a "no-brainer" when it comes to easy fundraising.  


So who are the founders of  Our names are Paul and Jim; we are brother-in-laws and friends.  Both of us have four children and two dogs, we live a 1/2 block from each other in Batavia, and both coach youth sports. 

So how did start?  

To be perfectly honest, began almost by accident. The inspiration to start was the "perfect storm" of backpack mail and endless fundraisers offered from our PTO, soccer clubs, football programs, and dance companies (to name a few).  Jim, having served two years as the Treasurer for his PTO, noticed a consistent pattern emerging when it came to fundraising.   Profitable fundraisers were being “shelved” due to lack of support from the organization’s members.  Time consuming, high commitment fundraisers were replaced with “easy-to-pull-off” and sometimes less profitable forms of fundraising.  With the landscape changing on how local nonprofit organizations would go about raising funds, one thing always remained consistent.  The role that business played in helping nonprofits.  It didn’t take being on the board of a nonprofit for Paul and Jim to notice that local businesses were key contributors and benefactors of practically every organization their families were members of.  Having been a member of these nonprofit organizations and serving on their boards, Paul and Jim were impressed by the generosity and good intentions of business when it came to supporting the organizations that make up the fabric of our communities. Having met with many area businesses prior to starting, the theme that repeated itself was the idea of “giving back” to the community and worthy causes.  One thing became very clear; area businesses want to have a simple way which they can positively impact area nonprofits.  That’s when Paul and Jim decided to start  With, businesses now can support great nonprofit organizations in a way that is also beneficial to them; through the sale of their own products and services.  To raise funds, organizations simply direct their members to consider making local purchases from provides organizations with an easy, way to raise funds; simply when their members purchase products and services that they would likely buy anyways. provides excellent value to shoppers and includes the donated amount already factored into the cost of the promotion.  Best of all, customers of choose which organization benefits from each purchase made from our website.