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If you’re looking for a new training sanctuary and Kokua - Morning Workoutsome place to call your second home, look no further than CrossFit Kokua. No matter your personal preference or needs, we have the training program for you. We know that joining a new box is a huge decision – you’re looking for a place that offers more than just an awesome workout, you’ll looking for a great tribe of people too. We have some of the most experienced coaches in the area, so whether your goal is to train at competition level or to find your best self we have the right stuff to help you get there.


If you are new to CrossFit Kokua you will receive your FIRST WEEK FREE to see if it’s the right fit for you. (And we know that it is.) Let us show you what makes CrossFit Kokua the awesome place it is. You will also save 50% off of your first month!


Simply schedule your No Sweat Consultation and fill out our online waiver to start your journey with the Kokua family. 


We look forward to meeting you!





Simply put, CrossFit is the “sport of fitness.” Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not. 

CrossFit has turned the mundane yet necessary task of “working out” into a sort of game.

CrossFit is a training program that builds functional strength and conditioning with constantly varied workouts that are sure to provide superior results in all aspects of fitness. Our 1-hour classes start with a skilled warm-up to develop new skills or prepare you for the movements of the day. Then, we work in a strength element before moving onto the high-intensity WOD (Workout Of the Day).

We train your body to be capable of taking on any physical challenge life throws at you. Don’t want to make more than one trip into the house with an armload of groceries? We’ve got you covered. Need to sprint across the parking lot at work so you’re on time? No problem! Want to jump over tall buildings in a single bound? We can work on that too.


Membership Rates

CrossFit Kokua offers a variety of monthly CrossFit membership options designed to suit our athlete’s needs.

 Memberships starting at $150/month

5% of each membership supports a local charity 

Kokua Camp

Kokua Camp has 3 (60 min) personal training sessions and will begin with a complete assessment of your current physical capabilities, history and goals. The assessment phase may take one or even all sessions during which your coach will evaluate movement patterns, range of motion, strength levels, structural balance and any limitations. Your coach will also work with you to determine your training goals and priorities. This information lays the groundwork for developing your training program.

  • Fat loss and improved body compositionKokua - Morning Workout
  • Get In Shape program
  • Overall body strength development
  • Strength development for a specific goal, such as running, paddling or being able to perform pull-ups
  • Fix Your Back program
  • Muscle gain programs
  • Prenatal/postnatal fitness
  • Injury rehabilitation/prevention
  • Sport-specific training
  • Advanced training programs for more experienced trainees who have specific needs and goals

Expert Coaching

Our mission is to help you achieve your physical goals. The coaches at CrossFit Kokua excel at teaching. From performing movements as safely and effectively as possible, to improving your ability, to transforming your body, we are here to help you move forward.

What’s included in the Kokua Camp?

  • 3 Private (60 min) personal training sessions 
  • Unlimited access to regular group CrossFit Classes 
  • Custom training program tailored to your needs and ability
  • Body composition analysis and nutritional counseling
  • Customized warmups, cardiovascular workouts, and supplemental workouts (for travel or off-site workouts)
  • Telephone and email coaching support

Kokua Camp is $175



Personal Training

Our Personal Training sessions are the most effective and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals, whether you’re new to CrossFit or an experienced athlete looking to break through a stubborn plateau.
Sign up for our personal training sessions where one of our world-class coaches will work with you to help define your goals and blow them out of the water. Each 1 hour session is designed just for you with a set of eyes on you at all times to ensure you’re getting value out of every one of those 60 minutes. Whether it’s CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting or any strength sport variation, Sports Performance training, Endurance, or other, we’ve got you covered.

Rates starting at $60/hour; custom packages are available


Online Training

Get personalized coaching from Joe Donar from the convenience of your home at a schedule that works for you. Joe will get to know you and your personal goals via email, video conference, and an in-depth questionnaire to put together an individualized strength and conditioning program for you. You’ll receive updated programming weekly via a user-friendly app that is accessible from your smartphone. Also included is “Form Coaching” where you may video your lifts during training and Joe will provide feedback on form, function, and progress.

Performance nutrition consulting is also available to enhance your personalized programming. You’ll receive complete nutrition consulting, weekly Macro guidelines, structured meal plans, and supplement recommendations.

Throughout the program you have virtually unlimited access to Joe via email to answer any questions you have about the programming.

Both programs require a three month minimum commitment.

Online Coaching rate: $200 first month, $100/month after
Online Coaching + Nutrition Consulting rate: $275 first month, $150/month after 

Kokua Challenge

 Kokua Challenge

This is not for the faint of heart! During this intense, experiential training, you will test yourself against the Kokua standard and learn powerful techniques that will allow you to fearlessly dominate many of life’s challenges. You will gain mental toughness and a warrior’s non-quitting spirit as you learn to embrace the suck, become a world class teammate, and discover your true potential!

Offered the 1st Saturday of every month. Challenge duration is 90-120 minutes.
Kokua Challenge is $10 for members, $25 for non-members



Joe Donar

Owner, Head Coach

Joe has been involved in and participating in CrossFitJoe Donar since 2006. Since then he has opened up two CrossFit Affiliates and coached hundreds of athletes. He wholeheartedly believes in the art of movement and accomplishing goals only happen if you are willing to master the basics. His mission is to educate as many people as he can in order to help build a stronger and healthier tomorrow.

  • CrossFit L-2 Trainer
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • USA, Sports Performance Specialist (USAW-L1)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-CPT)
  • Certified CrossFit Judge (2016)
  • National Association of Speed & Explosion Specialist (NASE)
  • Intrinsic Biomechanics Trainer (ITS)
  • First Aid/CPR/AED (American Red Cross)
  • M.S. Exercise Science, Sports Psychology – California University of Pennsylvania
  • B.A. Exercise Science – Elmhurst College



Vanessa StackVanessa Stack

Assistant Coach

I am a dynamic fitness coach with over six year’s experience building relationships and establishing a foundation of health and confidence within my clients. I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so I have been trained in a range of modalities that cover all facets of fitness including CrossFit and CrossFit Kids, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance, sports conditioning, powerlifting, kickboxing, western-style boxing, dance, and yoga. With my passion for food science and nutrition, I encourage all fit bodied and minded enthusiasts to incorporate whole, healthy foods into an active lifestyle. I embody my mantra to “live fit – live life” with the desire to inspire others to perspire before we expire.

    • CrossFit L-1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Kids
    • USA, Sports Performance Specialist (USA-L1)

 Membership Rates & Daily Schedule (click to expand)


CrossFit Kokua offers a variety of monthly CrossFit membership options designed to suit our athlete’s needs.


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