How it Works

  • Align your business with charitable giving in your community when you partner with
  • Build loyalty and repeat business through enthusiasm of dedicated organizations and their members.
  • Short term and long term solutions for any advertising budget.
  • Create promotions that highlight the value of your products and services and make them stand out.
  • Connect and expand your company's advertising reach through our email marketing solutions
  • Advertise your products and services to Fundcreature's broad area subscriber base.
  • Target your promotions that get your business to the demographic which best suits your advertising dollars (ex. - schools, churches, youth sports/clubs, etc.)
  • Raise money for your organization!
  • Easy fundraising solution!
  • Not time or labor intensive!
  • Simply tell members to Shop, Save, and Support on
  • Fundraise the whole year round!
  • Advertise your organization!
  • Create a profile page that highlights your organization and recruits new members!
  • Get your specific story across, give opportunities for others to see your message and support your fundraising goals.
  • No upfront costs! 
  • Shop and save on products and services that you buy and use every day!
  • Discover great businesses and organizations in your community.
  • Find valuable coupons and promotions from featured businesses on
  • Shopping and saving on allows you to benefit the following organizations:  Schools, Religious Organizations, Youth Sports/Clubs, and Local or National Charities.
  • Donations are factored into the price that you pay, so every purchase can benefit a non-profit organization that you care about.
  • No more guessing on where your donation is going and how much went there.
  • When you shop on, you support local business, the local economy, and your organization.  That's a win, win, win situation!
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